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Welcome to Dragon Quests Wiki! Here you can make stories of dragons going on quests. An example is the character has to find a gem of snow or a lost dragon. A story is acceptable if it includes dragons and a quest of some sort. Please read the rules page below.


  • No swearing. Words like hell, damn and crap are not allowed either.
  • No bullying.
  • If you are given certain rights, respect them. If you try to overthrow or use your rights in a bad way, they will be taken away.
  • Do not troll.
  • Do not blame others for crimes you committed.
  • Do not badge farm and make tiny edits to gain badges.
  • Respect the admins. They know what is right and wrong, so If they tell you not to do something, stop.
  • Don't act you rule the wiki. This can result in a block.
  • If you get banned or blocked from the wiki, do not create another account to avoid the ban or block.
  • Don't change the wiki or add rules without the Founders permission.
  • Do not steal artwork, this is a serious crime.
  • Please add a watermark or a signature to your artwork.
  • Don't complain that you aren't an admin and that you deserve admin or bureaucrat rights. Admin and bureaucrat rights are given by trust.
  • Don't be inappropriate.
  • Don't give out personal information such as passwords, your first and last name, ect.
  • No roleplaying in the comments section. Ask the founder or an admin if you want to roleplay.
  • Don't go crazy and out of hand in the comments section.
  • Absolutely NO vandalizing. The first time you will be warned, if you do it again you will be banned for a week or more.
  • No spamming. A small amount of spamming and roleplays is fine.
  • Only make stories that include dragons and some sort of quest.
  • If you want to make a story that has nothing to do with dragons and quests, make it in a blog post.
  • Do not add photos and pictures containing lots of gore. A bit of blood is fine, but don't add too much or the picture will be removed.
  • If you do not follow these rules, you will be warned the first time. If you continue to break the rules, you will be punished.

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